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Carrot Track Race
The racing industry in rollerblades

Inline speed skating

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Carrot race is part of the Israeli championship in the rollerblades racing industry

The race is open to children from the age of 5


Rollblade helmet and shields must be brought

Registration involves valid insurance (children are insured under the Sports Law)

The race will take place at the Eitan Running Track in the Carrot Regional Council. The length of the coffee is 250 meters.

Alumni assignments - age 16 and up (for members of the Skating Association):

3000 meters disqualifications and from the end of the sprint round of aviation


The children's assignments are divided by ages:

Up to grade in one coffee  

Grades 3-4 - 2 laps

6th and 4th grades

Grades 7-8 - 5 laps

T and above - 6 laps

* The division into ages and allotments is subject to change and is subject to the number of registrants for each allotment

** In case of inclement weather the race may be postponed

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