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Welcome to Speed iL


Looking for a new sport that is both fun and sculpting?

A new circle that will make you fly like the wind?

You have come to the right place!

With us, you will learn to skate correctly and quickly on rollerblades with certified coaches from the top in Israel.

Rollerblades training for beginners, advanced and athletes.

Do you have a certification as a rollerblading instructor and are looking for a cool job?
Contact us and join our team of instructors

Dreaming of teaching?
We are looking for!

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We got on agilely

Speed iL is the leading school in Israel for the rollerblading racing industry.

Our coaches and instructors are certified, highly professional and have extensive experience in coaching groups and private lessons from the age of 5 to 75.

The school operates in cooperation with the Israeli Skating Association and under the Sports Law.

Private training and lessons from Be'er Sheva to Herzliya.

With us you will find:

Rollerblade classes for beginners

Advanced classes and personal training programs

Training of professional athletes up to representation in international competitions, such as world championships or European.

Strength training, fitness, strength training and endurance training

Children's classes in the streets

Join our home group at Sportek Rehovot today

Every Thursday from 16:20 groups starting from the first step and divided into levels and ages.

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New! - Rollerblades training

Carrot Regional Council

Do you live in a carrot regional council?

Residents of Sitria, Naan, southern streets and the surrounding area?

We have opened the most unique and advanced training set in Israel on the Eitan High School racing track.

Suitable for beginners to high-level sporadians

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Group training
One-on-one rollerblades lesson
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