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So who are we?

הדרכה רולרבליידס, שיעורים פרטיים , קבוצות

"רולרבליידס זה לא רק עוד דרך לנסוע. נסיעה על רולרבליידס היא חוויה על ארבעה גלגלים"

Speed iL is a unique school for rollerblading (blade skates) for the racing industry.

We specialize in learning skates from the first step and introducing them to the fast skating industry in the meantime  Giving great emphasis  On learning proper skating technique from the ground up.

Group training and classes


In group training you will get to know the speed skating industry more closely.

Multi-participant training is an important and integral part of the racing industry.  

In group training we work on the dynamics between skaters, racing simulation, drafting, messenger racing, strength training, technique and more.


In children's classes we also practice while playing between the children  And exercises that are more suitable for young skaters.

Here you will find roller training for beginners and advanced from the best teachers in the country

  Personal training / private lesson


- You can order private lessons with us to learn proper skating on rollerblades from the first step. Even if this is your first time on rollerblades, we are here for you.

Training athletes and training camps

Know how to roll and want to take it to the next level?

We are here to bring you to your peak.

Building a customized training program, participating in our training camps and international camps.

We will make sure to bring you to your destination, whether it is the Berlin Marathon or the European Championships - we will make sure to build you suitable abilities

       The vision


The world's fastest skating industry is constantly evolving and today you can be seen around the world satisfied with the participation of thousands of skaters, national leagues and athletes at the highest level.

We, in collaboration with the Israeli Roller Skating Union, have established the fast skating industry in Israel, and our main goal is to build quality athletes.  To compete in national leagues and represent us in international competitions.

Our school is a pioneer in the country and takes care of establishing industry infrastructures at the most professional level

Our team of coaches and instructors
Snir Sagiv

Certified rollerblad instructor, teaches in the area of Givat Brenner and Rehovot

Alima song

Israeli Youth Champion for the years 2018-2019

Represented Israel at the World Championship at the World Roller Games in Barcelona in  2018 and other international competitions

Coach in the streets and surroundings

Eyal Karpel

Owner, Founder of SPEED iL School

And coordinator of the speed skating industry at the Skate Association  In Israel.

Rollerblades Coach Wingate Certified and Ice Coach Certified by the World Federation ISU.

  Specializes in goal-oriented training, athlete training, teams and teams.

Ranked until 2018 among the three fastest skaters in Israel.

Represented Israel in the World Masters Championships and other international competitions

2018 A bit of the experience our skaters went through in the Berlin Marathon                    

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